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We are committed to safeguarding your privacy and protecting your personal data.

Please detail your order and fill in the information below so that we can verify your identity.

* It is mandatory to complete all sections of this form. Failure to complete the fields and the inaccuracy of the data automatically invalidate the request.

* To handle any request, a valid document from the holder with a photo (CNH, ID, Passport and class document) must be included.

Holder Data (only one holder per form):
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Thank you!

This Form has been prepared in order to adequately respond to your request. Araúz & Advogados Associados reserves the right to request additional documentation and information to identify the purpose and verify the authorization, to eliminate the legal risks of sharing illegal and unfair data and, especially, to guarantee the privacy of your personal data.

If the information provided in this form is not correct or up-to-date, or in the case of an unauthorized request, Araúz & Advogados Associados has full right to decline your request.

Araúz & Advogados Associados may keep and process the holder's personal data during the entire period in which they are relevant to the achievement of the intended purposes.

For further clarification, please contact the Data Supervisor (DPO) via the email address:

By submitting this Form, the Applicant declares to be aware of and assumes any and all responsibility for any information provided in an illegal, misleading or incorrect manner.

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